Below are testimonials from some of the many satisfied clients of the Law Office of Troy & Neils, LLLP. In order to maintain client confidentiality, their photos and full names are not shown.

Your support and incredible guidance through this long (somewhat stressful) process has been tremendous!! We never imagined we would finally reach this milestone. You made this possible.

-B and S

"The green card arrived 3 days ago. Can't tell you how happy we are. D. sat there and cried while looking at it :)...
"It was a great honor working with you through this and you have been absolutely wonderful. Thank you for everything again. I'll see you within 2 years."

-BB and DP

"We were working with Christine Troy for about a year and a half and we would like to express our immense gratitude and appreciation to her regarding our immigration case. She was able to help us overturn a 10 year ban from the United States. We visited a couple immigration lawyers before meeting with Christine but we felt that none of them really cared about us as people. It was a different story with Christine. Right away we felt that she truly cared about what happened to us and our future together. The advice, information and timelines that she gave us were right on point and easy to understand. As terrifying and confusing as this immigration process is, Christine made it bearable for us by constantly checking in, getting back to us with answers quickly and making sure everything was on point for our case. We had no problems with anything thanks to her. I honestly believe that we could not have done this without her. Thank you so much Christine!!"

-LawQA ReviewerP

"Thank you, Christine for all your help and expert advice in this process. I wouldn’t have done it without your help. I remember an immigration lawyer I talked to 1 year ago telling me that I had very little chances of getting the E2 Visa in my field. Thank you for believing in my case from the start and doing everything you could to maximize my chances. It paid off!"

-IP (who was granted a 5 year E-2 visa)

"FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much, Christine! Thank you and David for all your diligence, commitment and encouraging words! I’m over the moon!"


"I highly recommend Christine. My husband and I had particularly bad luck with a previous lawyer, who caused us to have a 1 year delay in our paperwork. Our case was not straight forward, and she had to do a lot of work on our case. She was extremely patient with all my emails, and she was always able to contact the necessary people. She responds very quickly to emails, and explains the process as it goes along. She was able to get my husband here in much less time anticipated because of her attention to detail. We are so happy and lucky to have found Christine. I highly recommend Christine for any immigration needs!!"

-LZ and JG

"I cannot recommend Christine Troy and her Office highly enough. My husband and I worked with Christine Troy on his Green-card/Permanent Residence application. It was a complicated case and we dealt with Christine for over 2 years before he finally got his Green-card in December 2012. We were referred to her by a number of friends that worked with her. I know at least 6 people that have successfully secured Green-cards via Christine and been very happy with her service. "Christine is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and competent attorney who specializes in Immigration Law. She is fully up to date in all immigration related legislature. We felt very secure that we were getting the very best advice from Christine at all stages of the process and trusted her advice 100%. "She is extremely client centric – she truly cares about the client and took the time to get to know all aspects of our case. She was friendly, patient, and took the time to explain the legal process, and was always responsive to phone-calls/emails. Going through this process can be extremely scary/emotional and she was very understanding and empathetic of our situation the whole way through. "Finally her pricing is incredibly fair and honest. I know people who have been totally ripped off by attorneys for immigration applications. Christine’s pricing was based on a flat fee despite numerous meetings. "We also dealt with David Troy and Sheila Quinlan in her office and had the same wonderful experience with them. We are incredibly grateful for what they have all have done for us! I would recommend her to anyone who is going through any immigration process – whether for just for a consultation and some advice, or for full service of submitting the application."

-SH and IO

"Thank you for everything you did to help us through the green card process. We really appreciated how organized and accessible you were. Your skill made the whole process so simple! Christine, thank you especially for quelling my anxiety about my lost passport during the interview prep. Our interview went very smoothly-the whole thing lasted about seven minutes. We received the card in the mail just in time for my birthday. Best present ever!"

-N and M

"Christine, I just talked to David after your voicemail, would have love to talk to you, but I have no words to express my gratitude and my joy!!! I don’t even think it hit me yet, need time to process, but you rock and you are the best!!!! Thank you so much for your support and for your great strategy, I was getting hopeless. Such a weight off my shoulder, you cannot imagine. I hope I could do it in person, but champagne and goodies are on the way! Have a great weekend, and thank you for the great news, life changing event."


"So I received the advance parole "combo" card a few days ago, then the acceptance letter on Monday, and the greencard arrived today. That was quick! So it looks like I’m all set. I’d like to thank you and David for your availability, helpfulness, and for doing a great job on seeing this through. I remember calling you and a few other immigration attorneys earlier this year — making the right choice based on a brief intro phone call wasn’t obvious but clearly I did ;) "So thanks again and all the best."


"Day after day, I am telling myself that I have to send you an email. [My son’s] Green Card arrived 3 weeks ago and I need it to thank you and also thanks to David your Brother for your good work. I am so glad that your name came up 10 years ago, (yes already ten years), since my first VISA with [ABC] winery. You always did a terrific and professional work. Your services, advices and support for the past ten years have been exceptional. Without you that will certainly not be possible. Next month I will be in the United States of America for 9 years, I have a beautiful wife that I love with her two sons, my son is also with me in a balanced family and are getting a fabulous education. I bought two houses and started my consulting company in partnership with my wife. We are going to sign our first long term contract next month, and already give a some consulting services for an other Winery. Still General Manager/Winemaker of [XYZ] Winery and enjoy to develop the business for 5 years now. I speak English, and write English (Almost perfectly !!) , and speak Spanish as well.Everything was possible because you have been extremely professional. I owe you a big, big thank you for all your work, and can’t wait to meet you again sometimes soon, in California or Virginia to enjoy a bottle of wine and introduce you to [ABC]."


"I highly recommend working with Christine. If I ever have to deal with immigration again, she will be my only choice. Christine is not only very capable of doing her job, but she is also an excellent communicator, very patient (a truly rare characteristic of an attorney) and a very pleasant person to talk to and work with. I have dealt with several attorneys before (immigration, patent, etc.) Most of them are just merely "processors" of petitions. Christine is very different. She cares about her clients and my wife and me could clearly feel that. "I believe in good relationships via personal introductions: one of my best friends introduced me to Christine. Christine helped my wife and me obtain our green cards (from L-1A and L-2 visas). While she ensured us that our case would be relatively simple and fast (she anticipated 4-18 months), she also outlined potential pitfalls that we had to be careful about. My wife and I got our green cards in just a few days shy of six months, and we thank Christine (and her friendly assistant, David) for her help to make this process effortless and painless."

-GN and MK

"Christine helped me obtain an E2 visa to start my company in San Francisco. She took on a complex case and got the job done. She’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced, yet not afraid to bring in involve other resources when needed. She is very detail-oriented and is always thinking a few steps ahead and covering her bases. Bottom line: If there is a solution to your immigration issue, she will make it happen."

-George Favvas

"We had a complicated immigration case. We consulted with 7 immigration lawyers for guidance, but no one had any idea on how to handle our case. Most of them suggested that proceeding with our case would do more harm to us than any good. We almost lost hope and just when we were ready to give up, we came across Ms. Christine Troy. "Ms. Troy carefully reviewed our case, consulted with her colleagues and came up with a plan to handle our case with Department of Homeland Security. "Her careful planning and meticulous attention to details during the application process yielded success to our case. Our application sailed smoothly through DHS and NVC. We were expecting some tough questions during the consular interview, but Ms. Troy’s case presentation was so perfect, the interview was a cake walk. "Throughout the process, over a time period of 15 months, Ms. Troy was always available to answer our questions and willing to guide us in the right direction. We are so happy that we came across Ms. Troy, and would be happy to recommend her to anyone."


"Christine Troy has to be one of the best lawyers in the nation! She is very professional and knowledgeable and moreover very motivated lawyer. In my case Christine has helped me prepare fully for my 0-1 visa petition in less than 3 weeks and was great with her instructions. Her perfection in getting all the documents and making sure all works together has made me more motivated to look up for extra documents that would help me get my case done. Moreover, she was always there for me when I needed to ask her any question and for quick consultation! I recommend her 100% and believe she is the best! You will not regret if you hire her! :) I got my visa approved in one week."


"Being in the process of relocating to the United States I consulted Ms Christine Troy in order to get some general information on which possibilities I have. Never having dealt with an immigration lawyer I did not know what to expect. Already by entering the office building I had a very positive and welcoming feeling. Christine Troy was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable regarding the different visa options and – she loves her profession. Although being back in Germany, Ms Christine Troy is still supporting and helping me any way she can and is always responding me right away. I highly recommend her as an immigration lawyer and as a person who cares about her clients very much."


"Christine was able to resolve my immigration/citizenship issue and expediently obtain a copy of my naturalization certificate from the DHS/DOJ. She was accessible to me and answered my questions and concerns. She handled delicate personal info and minimized my stress level through out the whole process, from beginning to end. I highly recommend her thank her for her work on my case."


"Christine Troy is an exceptional attorney and caring individual. She immediately gained our trust with her knowledge of the law and with her empathy. She worked at our pace and was always very responsive to our questions and concerns. She was always a step ahead, anticipating our needs and keeping us well informed throughout the process. She prepared us so well for our immigration interview… she spent an hour familiarizing us with the process and she really nailed it! Her sense of humor kept the mood light and calmed my nerves. Our interview couldn’t have gone more smoothly! Christine is a professional and respectful person and we will always be grateful for her responsive and wise counsel. Anyone who is in need of help with this daunting process would benefit greatly from her expertise. Christine Troy is, in a word, superlative!"

-M and R

"I cannot recommend Christine Troy enough. We hired Christine to handle all my work visa/immigration applications: a TN, H1-B and finally Permanent Residency. At every stage Christine was thinking ahead, gathering enough documentation and evidence to avoid potential delays and stumbling blocks. She was a delight to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone needing help with immigration and work visas."


"Now thanks to you I can really say yeah! I got my green card yesterday in the mail and cried with happiness. I just can’t believe I have a green card and I can go home and come back to the country that I love so much. You are an amazing lawyer and such a nice down to earth person! I know I was really nervous and you still kept your patience with me and reassured me the whole way through this experience that it was going to be OK! I really can’t say thanks enough but from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful to you for helping me with this. You gave me a life of not looking over my shoulder anymore and not feeling like a criminal! Words cannot describe how I’m feeling right now. Again thanks for everything! I’m going home for the first time after so many years-Wow!"


"We were working with Christine Troy for about a year and a half and we would like to express our immense gratitude and appreciation to her regarding our immigration case. She was able to help us overturn a 10 year ban from the United States. We visited a couple immigration lawyers before meeting with Christine but we felt that none of them really cared about us as people. It was a different story with Christine. Right away we felt that she truly cared about what happened to us and our future together. The advice, information and timelines that she gave us were right on point and easy to understand. As terrifying and confusing as this immigration process is, Christine made it bearable for us by constantly checking in, getting back to us with answers quickly and making sure everything was on point for our case. We had no problems with anything thanks to her. I honestly believe that we could not have done this without her. Thank you so much Christine!!"

-Heidi and Carlos

"I really wanted to thank you, Christine, for the work you have done for me. Your dedication and professionalism is outstanding! I will be happy if you could help me with any other immigration issues in the future… Also, with your permission, I will recommend yourself to my friends who might need an attorney."


"I wanted to write you an email to express the immense gratitude we feel for all your continued support and encouragement throughout the application process for permanent residence. I feel like your work for us has been invaluable and I am so glad that we were able to hire you. With your help we were able to get a lot more knowledge of the process, which eased our anxiety about the interview, once we were prepped so thoroughly. So, I just really wanted to say ‘Thank you’ again and I will definitely recommend your services to other immigrants, should I be in touch with any. Maybe I could submit your information at school for our referral binder — there are lots of international students there that might need excellent representation by a skilled attorney at some point."

-HB and CB

"I would very much like to extend my personal ‘Thank-You’ for all your help and due diligence by helping myself and my wife. I sent out 21 emails to 21 separate immigration lawyers and you were the only one who really knew what you were talking about."

-Rich and Adriana

"Christine gave us valuable advice throughout our Green Card application process and has clearly built up a great amount of immigration law experience working with her clients. The process and paperwork was a lot less daunting after our initial meeting with Christine. She is high energy and shares a lot of tips, information, and guidance in a short amount of time. Christine takes preparation for the in-person interview very seriously, and provides an extremely helpful ‘walk-through’ session. Not only that, but even when we got called back for a second round of interviews with INS, where things could have turned badly if the interview didn’t go well, she was very responsive in helping us prepare and gave us a sense of security with her professional presence during the follow-up interview."

-LE and JB

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your counsel and your wisdom in immigration law. I feel blessed to find a wonderful person in you. Thank you for your enormous generosity to our concerns. It is possible that later in the year F.C. and I will be in the area of San Francisco. If we do get there, we will call on you. Be assured of our prayers for you and all of your work.quot;


"Thank you for everything you did for me. You are a very nice lawyer who is not only care about money. You care about your client’s feeling. You make my dream come true! Thank you so much!"


"Thank you so much for your help. J is finally going home in a couple of days for a week and I’ll be visiting Ireland for the first time this Christmas to meet my in-laws! Thanks again and I am sure I will talk to you soon."


"Just a quick note to express my sincere thanks for all that you have done in helping me to secure the work visa. Any worry or query that I may have had about the progress of the application, you put my mind to rest immediately. Even thought I was at the other side of the world, I never felt out of the loop about what was going on. Above all, Christine, you did a superb job, so many thanks again for all of your time and effort."


"I would like to express my deep appreciation to you for the great efforts and results in helping me with my adjustment of status. I really appreciate all you did for me, and thank you for the pleasure to observe your highly professional prompt work – it was a very satisfying experience, especially after years of seemingly endless waiting. I cannot imagine how things would have turned out, if you were not my attorney. You are a credit to your profession, and I wish you all the best in your life and career! I cannot emphasize how happy I am that Christine Troy was my attorney! She is very kindhearted, smart, and thorough with her work. She is a highly qualified and dedicated professional, who treats her clients with courtesy and personal attention. I highly recommend Christine Troy to everyone, who needs help with any immigration matters! Many thanks."

-Ekaterina I

"Christine Troy is simply the best in what she does. She is responsible for getting my family E2 visas to get to the US from the Philippines and also responsible for attaining my own investor’s visa. Christine Troy is very responsive (which seems to be a rare virtue among lawyers that I have worked with in the past), very knowledgeable, sincerely concerned about her client’s welfare and has the ability to simplify the complexity of the task ahead. If Christine Troy is not managing your case, then you are working with the wrong lawyer."

-Chris Y

"I was referred to Ms Troy by my friend who was a client of hers. When Ms Troy started representing me to extend my H-1B visa in 2003, I was initially surprised and impressed on how she personally filled out forms and handled communication with my employer. I knew then that I would be able to get personal attention from her in dealing with complicated immigration laws. She helped me file for employment-based permanent residency (EB-3), which was approved in December 2008. Ms Troy is very reliable by following through and returning phone calls and e-mails promptly. Not only is Ms Troy one of the most competent and professional attorneys I have worked with, she is also an advocate and shares her concern for her clients’ well-being. I have referred her to several friends and colleagues in the past, and I will continue to do so"


"We felt very comfortable working with Christine because of her excellent moral support, quick responses, very useful advices, and her devotion to cases. For example, helping us even when she was on vacation and being a friendly and warm person. We recommend her service for your immigration and naturalization needs."

-PM and SP

"The green card application process, as everyone knows it, is meticulous and stressful. The lengthy review period has often been presented as rigorous and unforgiving. Working with Christine Troy towards a successful Green Card application from start to finish, turned the stereotypical Green Card experience into a knowledgeable, versatile and swift encounter. Christine Troy – Immigration Attorney, comes highly recommended. Thank you Christine for the opportunity, to build a new future in the US of A!"


"Our company found Christine so easy to deal with for our immigration needs. She was always there with the answers to our questions, either by e-mail or personally. We never had to wait and wonder what was happening, and we appreciate that greatly. Christine completed our application for us, which meant filling in most of the blanks – since we had not done anything like this before. There was a complicated maze of paperwork and Christine made everything so accessible and was very clear in what was required, as well as the deadlines involved. We have been successful in our application for the H-3 visa and it means all the world to us that we can have a trainee with us for the next 2 years without any worries. We would highly recommend Christine Troy and will be using her services again in the future."

-Una and Sash

"One thing that makes Christine stand out from other immigration lawyers is that she is not just there to make money and that she is always available to answer questions. We approached Christine to help us do a prep interview for my wife’s green card interview and found her to be very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely engage Christine for any and all immigration matters and would highly recommend her to all."

-Deepali and Vikas

"Christine made the stressful green card process less intimidating with her clear, concise and human approach. I felt the security of working with an expert in the field while Christine’s personable manner allowed me the freedom to ask all my stupid questions without hesitation"


"My husband and I have been working with Christine for over three years now. In that time he needed to change his status and apply for his green card. Christine has been instrumental in helping us through the process, filing forms on our behalf, and adequately preparing us for our interviews. I am happy to be able to say that my husband is now a legal, permanent resident. We owe Christine a debt of gratitude for her hard work and patience."

-KW and BM

"It was a pleasure and relief to find someone as knowledgeable and attentive as Christine Troy to help me with my green card application. Green Card applications are one of Ms. Troy’s specialties: she knows ins and outs and is very resourceful in finding the right solution. My application was approved and processed with speed and throughout the waiting time I felt very sincere support from Christine, the kind of moral support you get from the friend, not from your average lawyer. I would highly recommend Ms. Troy’s services. Very Professional."


"Christine provided me with a dedicated, outstanding and inspirational service. She made the process simple and worry free, mainly due to her being extremely knowledgeable, responsive and a great person to work with."

-Irit and Yaniv