Located in San Francisco, the Law Office of Christine Troy secures work and family visas, employment and family based green cards and U.S. Citizenship for individuals, businesses and families, and provides high quality legal services to all clients. With more than fifteen years of immigration practice, Ms. Troy has a proven track record of developing creative, honest and effective solutions to complex immigration situations even when other attorneys have told clients there was no solution. As verified by testimonials from clients, Ms. Troy provides personalized service, careful, comprehensive analysis, and attention to detail. For this reason, her office has a very high success rate in all practice areas.

In order to minimize any potential stress, and to prevent unforeseen legal problems, all options, issues and procedures will be discussed up front at your initial consultation with Ms. Troy. If you think you need a lawyer to handle your immigration case, please contact Ms Troy to arrange a consultation to discuss your options. Consultations may be in person at her San Francisco office or via phone, from anywhere in the world.

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The Law Office of Christine Troy
“FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much, Christine! Thank you and David for all your diligence, commitment and encouraging words! I’m over the moon!”